One of Arizona's Funniest

"It's never been easy to pigeonhole myself into one particular career path. My dreams are as diverse as the jobs I continue to pursue.
Be sure to check out Bryan's HEARTS UNLEASHED Podcast Interview!
Clowning around with Hearts Unleashed host Abigail Gazda, Bryan shares his adventures to Russia as one of the clowns on Patch Adams' International Clown Tour and the difference it makes in the world to let people know that they are not alone or invisible.

Having been bullied in childhood and as a young adult, Bryan is now teaching others healthy tactics and coping mechanisms for experiencing bullying, intimidation, and disagreement.

Beyond that, he is shining a ray of hope that no matter how you grew up, YOU are the one who gets the final say in how the rest of your life will play out!

Join us for this hilarious and powerful conversation about what it looks like to take your power back and live you authentic authority.