Bryan Lee
One of Arizona's Funniest
"Bryan's NOT a comedian. He's a HAPPENING!"
-- Jim Wiggins, writer for The Late Show with David Letterman

"He is shining a ray of hope that no matter 
how you grew up, YOU are the one 
who gets to say what the rest of your 
life is like!" 
-- Abagail Gazda, Host of Hearts Unleashed 
Be Seen.

Be Heard.

Make A Difference!
The reason YOU were put on this earth is to make personal connections and have a profound impact on the lives around you.

Sometimes we lose our way,
                           get lost in the shuffle,
                                  and feel virtually invisible.

It's never too late to transform lives,
                                       discover your purpose,      
                                               and fulfill your destiny.

Now is not the time to be..........

                                                    a chicken!
Bryan Lee - a defiantly unorthodox "life publicist" - is the result of one performer's bullheaded insistence that no matter how invisible a person or business is, given the right spin, you can become viably visible virtually overnight. 

If you have ever heard that old adage, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, you will soon discover that....

Going from zero to hero on the invisibility scale presents its own set of challenges.

It's no secret that there are both advantages and disadvantages to being invisible. Moving sight unseen as you are navigating deeply personal issues can be a blessing.  Restructuring your life or business quietly, without the eyes of the world on you, can make the months or even years of loneliness worthwhile.

With aggressive creativity, intelligent observation, and unapologetic courage, we unleash a truer, bolder irresistibly compelling essence instead of living an uninspired, predictable life that notoriously sells us short. Because playing small and doing things everyone else's way was never a reason to show up.

In fact, owning who we really are is the reason we are here!

Find out how Bryan made himself visible by listening to his Hearts Unleashed interview!  He can do the same for you!!
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