Bryan blends together elements of humorpersonal triumphs, and practical advice to create a learning environment that is light-hearted yet purpose-filled. In his presentations, Bryan provides the "wow" that audience members want and the substance that meeting planners value.

Bryan will show your audience how to:

        * Accept Responsibility for their role in your company's vision

        * Approach each assignment expecting success and excellence

        * Add value to their organization, which in turn increases their self-confidence
           and gives them greater satisfaction with their lives.             

Bryan is refreshingly different. His techniques are simple, down-to-earth, and designed to turn everyday people into extraordinary performers.

Bryan's Story

Voted One of Arizona's Best Speakers

"Nobody cares about your success as much as you do! Grab it, own it, and never stop striving for it until you achieve it!"

                              -Bryan Lee
Meet Bryan    

Your 100% Bully-Proof Coach Bryan Lee delivers "active" advice, peppered with laughs. He is a movie and television personality, featured columnist, author of 100% Bully-Proof, and a leading authority on Bully-proofing every aspect of your life. He creates innovative action strategies for leaders and achievers. Bryan's tips for conquering the bully within and beyond have been featured in:

    * Compete Magazine
    * The Comedy Bible
    * PBS- Applause
    * The Caroline Rhea Show


Bryan's technique and teaching style come from experience. Having faced many of the same personal, financial and organizational challenges his audiences have endured, Bryan "gets it". He knows what looks good on paper versus what really works in the real world. Because he has been there, he speaks to the intangibles that finally connect the dots between theory and implementation. He uses elements from his personal journey from failure and embarrassment to becoming a successful entrepreneur to remind his audiences to aim high and reject excuses.


Bryan's passion for helping people perform at their best stems from tragedy he felt being bullied at school and at home by an alcoholic stepfather. Attempting to mask the pain of not fitting in with any crowd, Bryan quickly found solace through acting and humor. Refusing to settle for what others told him "life had to offer", Bryan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Communications from Ashland University in 1993.

After graduation, against his parents' best judgement, Bryan entered the world of showbiz. First touring the country as Mr. Wizard in Mr. Wizard's Supermarket Science, then later performing in showrooms and comedy clubs all across the United States as a stand-up comedian. After appearing in a number of television shows and two motion pictures, Bryan yearned for something a little more meaningful. He transitioned out of show business to launch is own company whose mission is to inspire people and organizations to connect with their potential, and achieve the success they deserve.


Bryan's high-energy presentations go against the grain of traditional thinking that sounds good, but no longer works in the new economy with its new requirements. His strategies are so timely that they have become favorites among professional associations, corporations, government agencies, universities, and national media outlets. After just a few minutes with Bryan, his quick wit and down-home style of "teaching beautiful people to act like it", will make it feel like you've known him your entire life. Bryan Lee's life is one we can celebrate as proof that  success isn't about where you start, but where you choose to finish!